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Lol. I'm sure that there are people at the CIA / NSA that are much better at software than me, but I highly doubt it's pervasive.

I read the Snowden leaks. I know what type of tools they're using. I know the type of holes that their public facing infrastructure has. I know the type of holes that their government officials that they're supposed to be protecting have. I know how fucked the security environment is right now. The CIA doesn't even use HSTS or CSP headers for fucks sakes (lol, they get an F on observatory.mozilla.org) so we are not dealing with an organization of godlike power.

These people work in a bureaucracy. Some of them are geniuses that write stuxnet or break HTTPS ciphers, most are not. Most are dll or SQL injection kiddies. Or they use grep to filter emails.

Do you think they let contractors like snowden just cat whatever they want? I'm not saying he didn't go digging, but I'm sure it's just the top of their iceberg.

I didn't mean to insult your prowess or whatever, but people gotta understand the level that they operate at. It's insane

The CIA is just a collection of people. People that make mistakes. People that have emotions and whims. People that have families and children. People that want to go home at night, take sick days, and go on vacation. There is a natural limit to what the CIA can do simply because they need humans to do it.

I don't think there's much more to the CIA than what's in these leaks. To do anything more, you'd need tens of thousands of people and huge server farms. You can't hide that stuff.

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