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Impressive performance - what was this built with?

Thanks. Go.

I kept hoping Gogs (or Gittea) would really take off - I love the single-binary Go philosophy. This looks fantastic. I'm afraid the killer deciding feature is going to be the hardest to implement: good code reviews. Github has recently (finally) upped their game, and added (some of) the stuff that was lacking: sending all comments at the end, rather than live as you finish typing them, tracking comments properly when new commits are pushed in response to code reviews, letting you see diffs between such in-progress pull requests, etc. Basically the stuff that Reviewable.io adds (which is basically a list of things that Google's internal tool does that Github doesn't.) :-)

Best of luck!

Thanks for this! Code review is really important, I'm going to try to make it the best in the industry.

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