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Most coworking spaces don't make money; how they can adapt to survive (levels.io)
10 points by ZeljkoS on Mar 8, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

It's a poor article, with a few questionable points of data interspersed with padding.

But I'll say that I've looked into co-working spaces and what the author said about being productive for a few days and then it's jibber jabber all day is what i expect and why I've not pulled the trigger.

I like the idea of networking and meeting people, and working in a work environment instead of my bedroom. But at some point I need privacy and limited distractions for most of the day. A co-working space where I can put walls around my desk when needed is what I really want.

Really a poor article all around. I'm reminded of that TEDx talk from a few years ago where the guy attempted to showcase some kind of fancy quantum physics with interesting-looking spirals but ended up saying absolutely nothing.

The conclusions seem to be drawn from:

A) a single Google search of questionable repute

B) the author's posterior

I can never have the time back.

Is that a buzz feed article? #images #randomConclusions

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