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OK fine. But let's stop pretending.

The CIA has access to the search history and phone call log of everything single American, and is blatantly breaking the constitution, and every single one of them should be arrested and sent to jail, for breaking the US constitution.

It is "their job", but it is also illegal and they should be sent to jail for treason.

You are correct, though, that it is completely expected that they have spy tools that blatantly break our constitutional rights.

The CIA is specifically constructed to operate in other countries. I see no reason to think that they are "blatantly breaking the constitution."

There are other agencies like the NSA that are spying on Americans, but I've seen no evidence that the CIA is doing this.

It is the CIA's job to spy on other countries and that doesn't violate the constitution. Nothing in the leak so far says that the CIA is spying on Americans.

Well the CIA can legally spy on Americans "incidentally" when they communicate with foreigners. See Flynn calls with Kislyak for example.

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