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>* Someone is seeking to control the narrative.*

Uh... welcome to /r/conspiracy....

Don't be naive. Gaslighting people on the internet is a billion dollar industry.

Is the concept of a 3rd party attempting to steer a conversation so hard to believe?

Is someone downvoting a comment on reddit so hard to believe?

exactly my point... it has been said for years, decades, centuries...

NO - not hard to believe... but interesting the unveiling we are seeing now...

forgive all typos as my fingers are experiencing the chilling effect ( my hands are cold... makes it hard to type)

Seriously. This is the exact dialog that has been running on reddit for months (since Sept 2016 at least). People are constantly asking for Assange to provide 'proof of life' etc. They basically just assume Wikileaks is compromised for any number of weak reasons (typically many weak reasons taken in sum), and then jump straight to the conclusion that there is narrative controlling. The likely reason his post was downvoted was because the notion is played out.

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