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Famous Russian hacker Kris Kaspersky passed away (dropzone.com)
107 points by afiskon on March 7, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

This is not Kaspersky Lab's Antivirus creator Eugene Kaspersky.

Thanks. Probably most people will assume that's who it was, as I don't know any other famous Kasperskys.

Yeah, first response was "oh, Putin didn't like something they did and he 'died' "

Evidently there were at least 2.

skydive incident... and John Peterson (PL) https://twitter.com/PhilipWadler/status/839134370854227970 climbing incident ...

From the article: "He was flying above his skill level"

Also from that comment:

> I hope he recovers, but to say it for the 10,000th time, if anyone tells you you need to cool it and you are being sketch, listen! You were probably sketch long before anyone actually said anything.

Skydiving has some formal rules, both from the FAA and the USPA, but there is a lot more institutional knowledge passed along through informal channels.

Experienced jumpers commonly see something, recognize it as an issue, and talk with the person about it, even without being in a position of authority. If drop zone staff sees something sketchy, they'll talk to the jumper in much the same way. Safety is usually treated as an educational problem, with informed opinions (usually) staying well inside the box of what's permitted by the rules.

If you're a skydiver, listen to your peers. They are an important part of the skydiving safety picture.

The title says he was famous, but what was he known for?


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