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I'm the founder of SSD Nodes, Inc., which is a bootstrapped SSD-based hosting provider for startups that I've been working on since 2011. Some of our clients have posted benchmarks showing great performance, such as 800MB/s+ throughput and 292K IOPS: https://lowendbox.com/blog/ssdnodes-high-ram-ssd-vps-startin...

Direct link to the benchmark: https://serverscope.io/trials/lrAw

Special pricing for startups: https://www.ssdnodes.com/startup-specials/

/shameless plug

If I would be able to downvote you, I would. My benchmark/review is about hourly billing providers where I am able to spin up a server within a minute, which is not the case for your company. You are simply one of the 10000 companies that offer regular Virtual Private Servers.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, really appreciate it. You mentioned hourly billing, but the OVH plans you reviewed are monthly[0], and all the pricing you listed on the site is monthly.

We're trying to go in a different direction from hourly, and instead offer very deep discounts for annually. So customers can get 8GB RAM for $6.49/month ($77.99/year) and have stellar performance with a provisioning time of about 10 seconds.

[0] https://www.ovh.com/us/vps/vps-ssd.xml

OVH offers hourly and monthly billing. The hourly billing is a bit more expensive but it is there. The pricing is monthly to get a better overview and be able to compare it better.

I understand your direction and it makes sense, but please don't advertise in a post that is reviewing providers with a specific use case (hourly billing) that you don't offer. Thanks.

Stop spamming

Hi, I really liked your post and your comments about your experience with each provider, but I totally disliked your answer and the one below. I didn't see anywhere that your benchmark was only about hourly billing providers so I find your reply disrespectful. Maybe you should update the title or the text if you want to take such stance?

Moreover, to me, regular VPS == openvz and not hourly billing (openvz would also disqualify ssdnodes).

If your review is supposed to be about hourly billing providers, shouldn't you actually mention that in the review? Because you didn't say a single thing about that in the review. Neither did you say in your review that it was about being able to spin up a server within a minute.

As it is, your original response comes off as more than slightly rude, and your subsequent response was very rude.

Interesting. Why did you choose OpenVZ? OpenVZ makes me think of fly-by-night, oversold VPS providers that are barely even adequate for a personal site. Another concern is that with OpenVZ, any Linux kernel privilege escalation vulnerability can be used to escape the virtual server. So I hope you stay on top of kernel security updates. But of course, that requires the host to be rebooted.

Hey there, those are great questions! First to answer your security questions. We're using KernelCare, which is like Ksplice. It keeps all our host kernels updated with no reboots needed.

OpenVZ, when used properly, provides us with massive performance gains along with the flexibility of "live scaling." Since we're providing containers, our customers can scale up to a larger plan with zero downtime. Their RAM and disk resources are available immediately after choosing the next package (additional cores require a reboot).


do you still not provide private networking? aka intra server connectivity w/o bandwidth costs.

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