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Fun fact, my dad installed this.

Nice. My old boss Mike Grimwood worked for Neve in the 60's and 70's and told us loads of tales about making bespoke desks for the likes of Led Zeppelin etc. Would have loved to have been around then, but I suppose they say the same about the digital era.

It's pretty interesting how bespoke much of this gear was. It's also interesting that lots of the better known studios like EMI/Abbey had their own in house electrical/audio engineers designing and making the house gear rather that purchase off the shelf.

I really enjoyed Dave Grohl's documentary "Sound City", a large part of which revolves around his purchase of a Neve console, and bringing together many famous artists who recorded iconic albums on that very console, to relate their stories of recording at Sound City, and record new tracks with Dave and the rest of the Foo Fighters.

Dave's enthusiasm for the Neve and analog recording in general really opened my eyes.

Can you elaborate on this fun fact? This sounds pretty cool.

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