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Right on all points: Adobe's mistake isn't that they think Flash applications CAN run on these devices, as clearly this is definitely viable, but that they think Flash applications (which are designed for desktops) SHOULD run on these devices. It's a classic case of "just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD."

By your argument people shouldn't even try to enable huge portions of the modern internet to run on mobile devices since most sites weren't designed for phones and it's quite fashionable to see who can load 100s of kilobytes of JavaScript for mundane purposes.

Flash hasn't outlived its purpose yet, nothing has stepped forward as a complete replacement, and working to enable the whole internet is a lot better than settling for some of it.

The experience of Flash on mobile phones is currently better than the experience of the web on smartphones from just a few years ago. Progress will continue to be made.

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