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Why do you think it is a bad idea to differentiate clearly (.com vs. .org) between the business and community aspects of Clojure?

I understand biz talk is a bit of a turnoff when primarily interested in the community aspects but I would expect somebody with limited technical understanding but responsibility on the biz side to prefer a site addressing their immediate concerns (which I think clojure.com does fine).

The only nitpick I would have is that it is not obvious to me if they're targeting startups or established businesses. In the later case "Training" (or "Coaching"?), "Development" (or "Seeding"?) and "Support" might be more on target than "Mentor", "Dev", and "Sustain". In the former (= startup) case I imagine their wording to be very good, but does anybody know if there is actually a market in Development and/or Mentoring consulting for startups?

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