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I wrote ToneLoc because of this movie! It changed my life.


Ha! I totally used ToneLoc. Found all sorts of interesting systems in my small town. But the most memorable was my science teacher asking me why I called her at 3AM (I had disabled caller id blocking to save a bit of time that night).


Probably still have a floppy with it in storage somewhere. :D Thanks for making that!

TBH its still the best out there! I know people who did all of 415/510/408 and kept fresh .dat files flowing on BBSes for years.

Using ToneLoc is how I got into optimizing modem strings, which got me my first job installing modems for Dial ISPs in the 90s. If you lived in the SFBA I probably made your dial experience better because of it!

Cool! I think the setting I used was "ATS11=45", which made it dial faster. Any faster than that and my switching station couldn't handle it sometimes.

You seriously might have help put my two friends in jail in the 80s. They lived in Virginia and they ended up finding a server at the Pentagon. They lost all their computers and weren't allow to use a computer till they arrived in college.

I too remember using ToneLoc a few times in the mid nineties.


"I might be an adult, but I'm a minor at heart"

I used ToneLoc a lot in the 90's :-)

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