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Yet for me, the developer console still won't show Ajax requests for inspection. This is on 64-bit Ubuntu Lucid. Anyone else have this problem?

I love having ajax requests show up in the console too. Chrome used to do it like you said but doesn't seem to show up anymore. You can still see the requests though if you go to the "resources" tab. On the left pane you'll find the url to the request you've made where you can view its headers and response content in the main pane. I guess the url as a "resource" is technically correct, but it's so much easier/nicer having it on the console. HTH

Never had that problem. It's always just worked. Has it ever worked for you, or have you seen it work on someone else's chrome install?

It worked in the past, but at some point stopped. I made use of it quite often, but only noticed last week it had stopped. I uninstalled/reinstalled, but no dice. Appears a few others are having it as well (http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=40987). I'm going to blow away ~/.config/google-chrome and see if that fixes it.

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