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The main thing I miss is the powerful addons. I'd love TreeStyleTabs and a fully featured Vimperator (command line included) for Chrome, but it's just not possible.

I talked with a Windows UI designer on the Chromium team at Google I/O who is working on tree tabs. Should at least be an option pretty soon in the dev channel.

This is excellent news; thank you. I'll go see what I can find on that. If you talk to them again, let them know there's definitely interest in that.

There is probably some discussion around this on the chromium-dev or chromium-discuss lists in the chromium.org Google groups. I haven't checked though.

There are several Vim plugins. None of them have all of the features of Vimperator, but they are getting there.

Yes, I use Vimium when I use Chrome. However, it's still missing a number of features from it's Firefox counterpart, like the command line to input more complex commands that aren't mapped to a single key. Currently, it can only execute commands mapped to a keycombination, but it has no extended commands like the : commands of Vimperator. I should have gone more in depth about what I meant there.

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