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it's a joke. Last sentence of the article is

> The provocative tone has been used just to attract your attention.

That's a pity because of that tone I abandoned reading after few sentences and did't go to last sentence.

For good or bad reasons, you made the right choice: the article was full of crap (bad understandings, lack of historical knowledge and just technical knowledge even about current tools versions, bad references, bias, repeating blindly wrong or outdated rants, etc.).

You could also have guessed it when you noticed it was a kid student showing up (and off) with a lengthy critic on the historical evolution of UNIX tools and others OSes and tools that he discovered a couple of years ago, while you possibly were using them and watching them evolve while he was still in his father's bollocks (and some of us (not me) were working on UNIXes while his father was a kid). You know what to expect in this case, especially if you remember having produced the same kind of over-confident and yet uninformed rant in your days :-) (I do :-D )

...and the world continued to spin.

There's irony in people being insulted by arrogant tone and loudly proclaiming they stopped reading something.

I don't think there's anything ironic about dismissing the views of self-important assholes.

It may be that the author is not actually a self-important asshole, but starting an article like that makes it look like he likely is.

Yes, anything funny (even absurdist humor) is predicated on a kernel of truth. Quite odd, then, that the article contains so little well informed opinion and even less humor.

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