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My favorite one “everything is a file”.

My GPU has 4 times as many transistors as my CPU, and for parallel tasks, it computes stuff 50 times faster. Just too much complexity for a file, even with ioctl.

I think that ideology is the main reason for the current state of 3D graphics in nix and bsd based platforms.

I didn't downvote you, but I'm not seeing the problem here. It's great that we have these fantastically powerful GPUs, which of course don't use text files as their internal representation, but then we have to tell them what to render or otherwise compute, and very often some form of text file is the most effective way to do that.

Very often, the majority of GPU IO traffic is textures. No form of text file is the most effective representation for them.

However, in my comment I didn’t meant text files. I meant that in *nix, a GPU itself is a single file, /dev/dri/cardN. All that GPU’s complexity is squeezed into a single ioctl system call for that special file. The approach is IMO one of the reason why Linux still doesn’t have reliable 3D acceleration support.

Here’s a long article why Linux ain’t ready for desktops, note the author listed 3D acceleration on the top:


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