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Well, if you don't get that someone else might see something as a flaw then perhaps you wouldn't understand that you may be defending a bad design choice.

I use Rust. There's a bunch of things I do not like about Rust. Its macro language is nigh on unusable. A macro language should be an expedient; it should allow you to get textual things done, committing necessary atrocities along the way knowing that the result must still pass muster with the compiler. It isn't supposed to remind you of a 61A midterm.

I like the safety and that is why I use Rust. I don't get adding functional programming to a systems programming language.

M4 is a standard POSIX utility and it's Turing complete. It's difficult to out-class recursive string macro expansion for sheer simplicity and sheer ability to confuse the heck out of yourself.

Alas, while it's a mandatory POSIX utility (AFAIU), some Linux distributions have saw fit to remove it from base installs.

I never said Rustaceans don't see flaws or that they don't defend bad choices. But I've never seen someone say "if you don't think so, then you Just Don't Get It" or any variant thereof in the Rust community.

It exists, although it's often phrased more kindly. For example, complaining about lifetimes is often met with a comment that you probably don't understand them yet.

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