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Yeah that mindset shift was the hardest part of transitioning from a traditional ops to a no-ops approach at our last company. The technology has no chance if the culture isn't ready.

We especially see this with F500 companies. They insist on multiple manager approvals for deployments. CI/CD is really scary to them because it feels too risky.

One of our prospective customers (at a F500 company) told us about how they have a cross-functional deployment 'swat team' that all gather in a room on a Friday night and literally press a button to deploy the update, then see what happens. They take their website offline in anticipation of errors (and put up the '90s construction worker logo) and then their ops people get paged over the weekend to deal w/ errors. Just ridiculous!

The irony is that the slower deployment velocity creates more risk, making deployments scary affairs. It's a terrible cycle. Deploying 7x per year means each deployment contains many more features/fixes, which introduces more risk. Vs. breaking a monolith up into microservices, and letting each component deploy at whatever cadence is best for it. And with Spinnaker each deployment can be traced back to the original git commit hash / jira ticket / etc., creating much more transparency in the deployment process.

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