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UNIX and C are symbiotic, regardless of whatever runs on top, only POSIX and C are common to any UNIX.

Windows roots are on VMS, not UNIX. There is hardly anything UNIX related on its architecture, regarding kernel design.

It was an OpenVMS derivative wiyh code copied or clean-slated against a modified form of its behavior. However, I heard the networking stack was from BSD.

Thanks for the tip.

The IP stack is. There's even still an etc/ directory buried in the Windows tree to support it.

This is no longer true, the TCP/IP stack was rewritten on Windows Vista.


>only POSIX and C are common to any UNIX.

What about something like this: https://www.redox-os.org/

Its written in Rust not C. In fact, according to the github stats, there is no C.

>Rust 72.4%

>Shell 13.2%

>Makefile 12.5%

>TeX 1.9%

Yes, but Redox is not UNIX.

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