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Yeah indeed. You know who the one person at Amazon is that I'd expect to never fat finger a sensitive command ever ever again? The guy who managed to fat finger S3 on Tuesday. Firing him over this mistake is worse than pointless, it offers absolution to every other developer and system that helped cause this event.

I'm guessing your comment was inspired by this: http://www.squawkpoint.com/2014/01/criticism/

Not directly, but maybe that was running around in the back of my mind while I responded to it.

I wouldn't merely call this a fat finger or typo - it's quite possible that the usage of the tool itself was so nefarious that mistakes would be impossible to avoid, given the complexity of its inputs.

Based on Amazon's decision to improve the tooling such that this category of error would be (hopefully) impossible to reproduce, I would lean more towards that being the case.

I think the value of making these mistakes is in learning from them and then making sure they can't happen again. Leaving this process in place and just making this guy run the command forever because he screwed it up once would be a much less effective solution than fixing the tooling so it's impossible to do this in the first place. Saying "this guy don't do it again" also offers absolution to everyone else on the team. In a healthy culture only we can fail.

That old chestnut. Is it true?

Is it not true for you? I know that I'm personally good at avoiding the same mistake. I'm also extraordinarily good at avoiding repeating catastrophic mistakes. I generally change my processes in the same way that Amazon is changing their processes to avoid this mistake.

I am not talking about what Amazon are doing, but the concept that the individual wont make the same mistake again, which is what the grandparent is getting that.

He won't make the same mistake because no one makes the same big mistake twice? I wouldn't bank on that alone.

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