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Words matter in a sensitive field like security (safestack.io)
18 points by kawera on March 2, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I enjoy reading public apologies from companies. They're always a good reminder of how difficult it to say "I'm sorry" in a post like this. "We would like to apologize" is close, but it's easier to say and less effective than "I'm sorry".

People are not good at admitting guilt. They are good at finding the reasons that led them to make sub-optimal actions.

Not that this is a bad post -- I found it informative and interesting, but I'm adding it to my collection of "apologies that didn't quite get to the apology part and spent too long on excuses".

If you enjoy public apologies, there's actually a really great blog that tracks and analyzes public apologies - http://www.sorrywatch.com

Words matter and so do PsyOps and confirmation bias. Companies are savvy at marketing so they should tailor their apologies to trigger good will confirmation bias in their customers. Actually, according to pre-suasion, they should stage false flag events so help the public pick the right confirmation bias the second time.

Does anyone really believe in 'lone typists' when we live in a world where #Vault7 is likely on #S3?

Personally, I think we should all grow up and doubt all news accounts and company PR from any source, until cui bono and Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) in the Critical Thinking process they use in the IC and LE communities has been thoroughly engaged. Especially if the company has a contract for #SpookCloud.

We are all intelligence analysts now.

So they knew they had to apologize for what they were about to do and did it anyway? Not sure what to think other than to avoid such companies altogether.

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