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IMHO, a lot of the Unix philosophy boils down to: we do it this way because the neckbeard of my father and the neckbeard of his father and all the neckbeards before him unto the beginning of Unix on January 1, 1970 did it that way and if you want to do it differently, well, you better have a stronger neckbeard, because then we'll have two problems instead of just one.

... i.e. a combination of "It's working, so let's not change it" coupled with a lack of the sort of market pressure having your OS compete in a money-changes-hands we-have-customers marketplace brings to the table to have a holistic, easy-to-convey user experience.

Heh, are you religious and/or believe in left/right/conservative/liberal/Dem/Rep? Cause that would make your comment hilarious.

pretty much, yes.

i'm still to see any complainer grown an adecuate amount of facial hair, though. (incompetently) reinventing some bad idea from before you were born does not cut it, you know?

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