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The speed and efficiency of Norton Commander[1] was amazing

Happy that people bring it into our century

[1]: http://www.abandonwaredos.com/public/aban_img_screens/norton...

If you are still using Windows then Far Manager [1] is an amazing Norton Commander-like open source file manager with lots of available plug-ins. I miss it in Linux, although Midnight Commander is not bad too (which I'm using now in Linux).

[1] https://farmanager.com/

Double Commander is a decent OSS cross-platform GUI implementation of the same 'commander' interface

I've just tried it - configuring FTP links is more cumbersome and less reliable than in FAR, so I'll pass on it tight now. After all, what counts is how much time you can save using the right tools.

Thank you Andreas! fman is actually also currently on your platform, Product Hunt ;-)

kudos to the launch! ps: already upvoted :)

many thanks! btw, I'm not sure if you're still based in Vienna, but I'm from here :)

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