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We believe that DevOps encompasses 3 areas that must change: people, processes, & technology. We’re seeing evidence that the people/culture is already changing organically because companies must change in order to compete in the software era, and the velocity at which we see software-first companies entering traditional spaces like banking/finance, real-estate, hotel is also accelerating.

That said, in order to make this rate of change to happen faster, instead of trying to convince people through debates, we have to show proof that moving towards a true DevOps model is successful, not just because you get to deploy more, but because it matters to the business. We want to show that CI/CD helps meet SLAs, new valuable features are added and allows the business to address new markets.

To add on to that: The best way we've found to work with large enterprises (aka Global 2000) is to start w/ just one team & app, show success with that, and then expand from there.

We've found that big companies need to see one team achieving success before they'll adopt it throughout the organization.

We've employed this approach successfully with our first several customers. They're going from from one app --> 5 apps --> "GA" rollout internally.

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