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spinnaker as a service. pretty cool idea. what is your planned pricing look like? spinnaker is not cheap to run yourself.

Also I tried the "try spinnaker" link and it looks like it timed out at armory.formstack.com

I'm one of the cofounders of Armory. Thanks for letting us know of the timeout - we're looking into that now.

Today, our enterprise version of Spinnaker is hosted within your AWS account, not truly hosted Spinnaker as a service, although we def plan to offer that down the road. Our current customers have told us they prefer to run Spinnaker inside their own accounts b/c they fear data leakage.

I see, so it's a centralized control plane for spinnaker installation/upgrades. looking forward to trying it out! I've done a bunch of spinnaker + kubernetes integrations myself. Exciting space for sure.

As of today, that is main value prop, however over time we hope to add other microservices to Spinnaker that will provide value on top of the control plane.

Btw, I realize our website still has "hosted spinnaker" as a product offering. It was the first thing we built, but as mentioned above, we pivoted towards an "on-prem" (in your AWS) version after conversations with lots of customers.

While we're not currently hosting it now, we did start with a hosted solution which is why it exists on our website. Engineering leaders were hesitant to give access to their AWS accounts so they wanted us to bring up Spinnaker in their accounts. Sometime in the future we do intend to revisit hosted Spinnaker.

Ben is going to talk about the 'as a service piece' in a minute. Here's pricing info: http://go.Armory.io/pricing

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