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I didn't make any assertions. Clojure is wildly successful and follows a pattern of development that seems fruitful to emulate. But in the story, the tortoise does win.

I am always on the lookout for interesting stories about people using functional programming on the job. Are you currently using Arc to this end?

I don't use Arc at all.

ROFLMAO! I think we are taking your comments too seriously.

It's not a story. It's a paradox. The tortoise loses, but the paradox pitches logic against intuition and is thus educational, like a koan (from a different cultural tradition). I am not sure if it is applicable to Clojure (as well as Arc and lisp in general) where intuition follows logic rather than contradicts it.

Worse is better and in this case Clojure is even more so 'The zombie-reanimated corpse of Lisp'.


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