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Besides being a Lisp, Arc does not exist anywhere near the the same territory as Clojure.

Lisp introduced us to: code == data

Clojure introduces us to: code == concurrent high-performance immutable data

Yes! The functional aspects of lisp have always made it feel more parallelizable, but outside of particular lisp dialects (*Lisp), effective parallelization has been difficult. Pervasive immutable data structures and front page concurrency mechanisms make clojure decidedly parallel.

(I hope that parallel being the only way to gain additional performance should be obvious by now.)

In a hundred years, is that something that will matter?

In a hundred years, will any of the stuff in Arc matter? What exactly? The innovation in Arc is minimal, Clojure does much more in new and better ways.

concurrent high-performance immutable data sounds pretty much like the fabric of reality. So I would hazard a YES :) In fact it'll probably matter in a million years from now.

"Multi-core is here to stay", says Rich Hickey

Hopefully not. Multi-core should be seen as a stepping stone on the way to better technology.

Why not have multi-core version of other tech, unless you are talking Quantum Computing, though isn't that in some ways the ultimate form of multi-core?

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