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Mediaburst Ltd | .NET Developer | Manchester, UK

Hi, We're Mediaburst and we make web apps in Telehealth and send text messages.

I'll keep it short:

We're after a .NET Developer with 3-5 (or more) years of production .NET development to help us improve our products.

You'll be working on our SMS API (www.clockworksms.com), our backend queueing and routing, our SMS Survey app (www.surveymill.co.uk), our online text product Textburst (www.textburst.com) as well as our telehealth product FlorenceLight (https://www.florencelight.uk/ )

We're also after a Devops/Infrastructure engineer to help us run our platform and make the devs lives easier.

Full details: https://www.mediaburst.co.uk/jobs/

Questions? Ask away.

Apply with an email to hello@mediaburst.co.uk or reply to this comment

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