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Deskbookers | Backend Developer | Amsterdam | VISA https://www.deskbookers.com

Deskbookers is the Airbnb for work and meeting spaces and we are one of the fastest growing tech startups in Europe.

We're looking to add a backend developer to our team of 2 backends and 2 frontend developers.

Our stack comprises a legacy PHP application, and a modern, microservice-oriented replacement built with Node.js and running on AWS. It's a really interesting time to join DB; Quite a lot of change and experimentation with our stack - allowing you to have a strong impact in the way we build our platform.

Contact: y.talwar@deskbookers.com

I'm on the dev team, so if there's anything I can clarify, please do ask!

Accept remote?

Nope, sorry.

super lekker papi

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