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Spire Global | Senior Software Engineer | SF, Boulder, Glasgow, Singapore | Full-time | On-site

Spire is a satellite-powered data company building out the full pipeline from custom spacecraft to data and analytics products. You can read a little more at http://spire.com or in the news.

I'm looking for experienced software engineers with systems experience to lead teams and architect existing and new systems. Our stack is primarily Python, Linux, and C, but we have plenty of variety, and care less about a language or framework and more about building systems that last. If you want to learn a little more, e-mail me (Robert) at rdeaton@spire.com with questions. We have a variety of other roles as well, including Electrical, FPGA and DSP engineers, DevOps, Satellite Operators, Business Development and Sales, which I'm happy to answer questions about or refer you to the right person. https://spire.com/careers/openings/ .

I'm pretty interested in the FPGA/DSP and firmware engineer jobs, and I'm based out of the Boulder, CO area. Any chance you'd consider hiring somebody into that office?

Is the Sr. Software job in Glasgow? Would love to visit the city but not sure that USians can work there easily.

US isn't the easiest place to hire from Glasgow, but we've had pretty good success getting visas for US citizens to work in the UK.

The job is whereever we can hire for it realistically, with priority order being Glasgow > SF > other offices.

Do Spire ever hire Contractors in Glasgow?

We hire contractors infrequently, as onboarding in most areas is pretty expensive. Contractors would usually be used for small, self-contained projects.

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