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Solworks | Full-stack Developer Node.js | Leicester UK, Nottingham UK | ONSITE | Full time

We: Are a small startup creating beautiful SaaS applications to help companies manage employee time and holiday in a simple and consistent manner.

You: Are an enthusiastic developer who loves all things JavaScript, including its quirks, and wants to write modern, clean code. You are able to learn new things but also aren't afraid to teach what you know.


* React

* Sequelize

* Semantic-UI

* Hapi, Nginx

* Swagger / OpenAPI

* Babel & Gulp & Mocha & ESLint

Bonus Points: You can spin your own VMs or Containers, you know all your IDE shortcuts, you have existing open-source contributions.


* Free pizza Friday every month.

* Staff social events including coastal sailing and barbeques.

* Working with passionate, like-minded people.

* Great tea and coffee.

* Relaxed atmosphere and great facilities including our new table football

* As many monitors as you want!

* On-site parking.

If this sounds like your sort of opportunity, drop us a line at hello@sol.works

I'd also really appreciate any notes anyone has on making this post more appealing, as it doesn't seem to generate much interest.

- I want to see a website of some sort.

- I'm not going to write an email to a generic email address because the probability of receiving an answer is zero. Probably not the case for you but still. If you want emails, use some kind of name@company

- Youre not going to lose anything if you quote a broad range for the salary. I have my expectations. 9 times out of 10, they arent met. If I can see them not being met, I wont waste your time. If I see them actually being met, I'm way more inclined to apply. Its annoying for me to talk to someone, knowing roughly my market value, and them showing up with an offer of about half of what my minimum is, after 4 weeks of "talks". Just quote a range against which people can qualify themselves. Whatever that range may be for where you're based.

- You can't do much about where youre based, but nottingham is probably not the startup center of the universe.

At least 1-3 is probably actionable.

I ctrl+f for stuff from Nottingham every month, as I live there and I'm curious. It's nice to see you pop up almost every month. :)

However, I dont think you ever include a website. And that's naturally my next port of call to find out more.

After doing some google-fu to get rid of solidworks results, I've struggled to find you online..

Not saying you need a full social media presence - but a lack of any online presence at all may be discrediting you? It also means I can't answer basic questions like, "where are your offices?" and "who are the directors?" (without going to the length of companies house etc. etc.)

Food for thought! :)

Thanks for the feedback, we will work on our SEO and make sure we put a link in next month's posting.

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