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Making America safer: survellance cameras with guns
4 points by amichail on April 17, 2007 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

Since when is Startup News synonymous with reddit?

I agree. This post isn't relevant.

On a side note, time for a bury feature;)

And a limiter on spam from self promoting blogs. And a filter for web 2.0 gossip blogs.

One of the four rules of gun safety: never let your muzzle cover anything that you are not prepared to destroy.

Hard to do when the muzzle is mounted to a camera that's surveying a crowded square.

The gun could pop out in emergency situations. It need not always point at people.

Moreover, you could have several guns, some more lethal than others (e.g., stun guns, etc).

I hope to be dead before such a thing is put in place.

You want to be dead for sure before you might accidentally get shot?

No, he means let the Idiocracy world of the future do this, if it's done, ever.


Like in London, you could have surveillance cameras everywhere. But add guns on them as well to prevent/limit crime.

Do you really think people would feel safer? What happens if there are bugs or security holes in the system?

And, even if we assume the system is perfect, would you want to live in such a place?

Yep... and all those CCTV cameras are doing wonders in London right?

This is a joke, right?

Do you have any better ideas?

Technology can't solve all problems; crime is a social problem.

Whatever the reason, it still happens. So we need a solution. Technology can at least give us a short-term solution. Maybe later we will have better ways to deal with mental illness for example.

Yes...Release the hounds!

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