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Would the 1700X and 1800X also be 65W if they were downclocked to 3GHz, or is the 1700 fundamentally different from them?

That's caught my eye as well... will be interested in seeing how the 1700 compared to my current i7-4790k, as I'd like to stay/get lower on the power usage... though 95w wouldn't be too far off if I can get what I want out of it.

They will also be 65W in that case, they are made from the same dies

That depends, the binning process means that products using the same die layout can have different characteristics. We don't yet know to what extent Ryzen is binned but here's a possibility: the 65W 1700 is made from cherry-picked dies that tolerate especially low voltages, the premium 1800X is made from dies that tolerate especially high clocks, and the 1700X is made from leftovers that didn't qualify for either.


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