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While they hacked, I rested up for a day of real work.

I think what these people did all night was really cool; if I wasn't so busy I'd almost consider giving it a try myself sometime.

But please don't think that this was anything more than a publicity stunt and whatever you do, please don't call them "hacker gladiators".

You rested up for a day of real work on a Sunday, which starts off with hacker news?

What kind of day of real work doesn't start with hacker news :P

Eggs, toast, coffee, and HN. Just like my grandpa used to do.


Why not? I wake up, make some breakfast, then check hacker news while I eat.

a publicity stunt isn't a bad thing, TechCrunch gives a lot of smart people building cool stuff exposure and this is free marketing for them. What's wrong with that?

I think it's the most fun way to do a short event like that, I don't think anyone assumes more would get done in 24 hours than in 4 6 hour sessions.

Haven't done one of these before but when I was doing uni programming project we would always end up having a lot more fun with it pulling a big night than just running normal uni hours.

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