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It is, but they're in the process of deprecating and removing its most powerful features, such as the "linked CSE", where you can specify the URL of an XML specification file that describes the domains and paths you want to search. The huge advantage of a linked CSE over their 'hosted' alternative, aside from convenience, is that you can generate this specification dynamically based on a user query. They also recently made a policy change disallowing multiple CSE queries resulting from the same user's search. (IE if you want to give the user search results with several different filter parameters.) Both of these changes had a fairly significant, although fortunately not critical, impact on our business. It really looks like the philosophy is shifting away from these sorts of flexible tools.

On the other hand, Bing recently released a completely updated version of their paid search API. So on the plus side it looks like they aren't ready to give up on custom search yet. On the downside, they've tripled their prices.

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