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High-Resolution Image Inpainting Using Multi-Scale Neural Patch Synthesis (github.com)
69 points by santaclaus on Feb 21, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

See also the PatchMatch algorithm [1] (which doesn't use neural networks but performs remarkably well)

[1] http://gfx.cs.princeton.edu/pubs/Barnes_2009_PAR/patchmatch....

This is so cool, really glad its available in open source. Can imagine a lot of fun uses for it!

Would be useful for removing image watermarks

It'd be awesome if it were available on a hosted server just to check a few examples.

This is not my area of expertise so I won't be able to install and train the models given time constraints, but I could give it a shot with a few images of my own.

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