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Hi, Camlistore author here.

Andrew Gerrand worked with me on Camlistore too and is one of the Upspin authors.

The main difference I see is that Camlistore can model POSIX filesystems for backup and FUSE, but that's not its preferred view of the world. It is perfectly happy modeling a tweet or a "like" on its own, without any name in the world.

Upspin's data model is very much a traditional filesystem.

Also, upspin cared about the interop between different users from day 1 with keyservers etc, whereas for Camlistore that was not the primary design criteria. (We're only starting to work on that now in Camlistore).

But there is some similarity for sure, and Andrew knows both.

This is pretty much correct. Upspin is way more filesystem-like than Camlistore, but I would emphasize Upspin's single global name space, rather than the filesystem-ness.

I think both Camlistore and Upspin have promising models.

Would it make sense to provide an upspin server interface to Camlistore?

Seems inevitable. :)

For other reasons I checked camlistore website a few days ago and it seemed totally stale.

You mean work is progressing on camlistore? That would make me a little bit happier : )

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