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I'm a big fan of Isso, and have been running it on my (not at all notable) blog for a while! I do however wish that the commenter icons were customizable (e.g. Gravatar, Facebook, etc.). There have been Github issues open for it since 2014, but nobody seems willing to put in the effort to implement it. :)

Yeah. I'd like this too, but I'm not holding my breath as the developer comes across as a bit of an arrogant arsehole.

When I first set up isso, I had a hell of a time getting it configured and running, following the pretty poor official documentation. So I visited the Github repo to ask for help but, after seeing the dev's condescending attitude to other people in difficulties, I thought better of it and [fortunately] managed to muddle through by myself.

Can you be more specific? I don't mind the accusation, but peope on the internet™ have often different expectations of what a software should or should not do. There is no such thing as the perfect product™. It is all about tradeoffs.

In your FAQ page you appear to be more "opinionated" that Gravator should also be considered harmful and does tracking, which cuts entirely against what you see as the point of Isso.

So you tell them to go use Disqus if they need Gravator since they're basically stating they don't care about anti-tracking.

You then also state that someone else should do the work of integrating with Libravator.

It reads a bit gruff and asshole-ish.

On the other hand, TANSTAAFL and either someone should pay you or do the work to do the Libravator integration, and it does seem very odd to pick up Isso and then want to use an avatar service that also does tracking.

Presumably those people hate Disqus for other reasons, but it certainly doesn't have to be your concern.

I'd probably write the same kind of tone in a FAQ entry as well, because if its being given away for free then the flip side is that users on the internet shouldn't be demanding assholes and want things for free that you have zero interest in providing for free, and I think you make your position reasonably clear.


I can't be more specific at this remove, as it's a while since I set Isso up. But I found the documentation pretty unhelpful in places and, when I visited Github to chase up on some of the issues I was having, I came away with the impression, from your replies to existing issues, that your reflex position was to "blame the user" [in pretty grouchy language, in some cases], rather than to accept that your documentation could have been clearer.

Not, at least as per my experience trying to get Isso working and interacting with the developer for the first time: https://github.com/posativ/isso/issues/305. Spoiler: He helped me get Isso working!

Unfortunately it is a policy decision to not use gravatar or Facebook. But a phenomenal tool.

I agree. It should be a choice opt-in for the user to use Gravatar or not.

Can you please share how you set up Isso with Hugo? Thanks.

If anyone is reading this, I found Isso pretty easy to set up on localhost. (1) Installing Isso was a breeze; their documentation is top-notch -- https://posativ.org/isso/docs/install/ (2) I then updated my Hugo theme to support Isso -- https://gitlab.com/kaushalmodi/hugo-theme-refined. I use this setup for my work-blog where I serve the blog+comments from my work machine. Now I only need to get a hosting server so that I can do the comment serving for my public blog.

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