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Today I learned I am a heptopod apparently. I have ideas quite often that I find hard to write out in sentences, so I end up doing a pen sketch/drawing thing with many colors and stick figure drawings with one or two words beside it.

It is usually when I am trying to think through, or explain to someone else, a concept that has many many variables and the ways that they interact. The current "thought" on my desk has 8 panels, with individual sketch things and 4 colors.

Surely I am not the only one who does this? How else can you explain complicated things without writing a whole book?

"I found myself in a meditative state, contemplating the way in which premises and conclusions were interchangeable. There was no direction inherent in the way propositions were connected, no train of thought moving along a particular route; all the components in an act of reasoning were equally powerful, all having identical precedence…Looking at a sentence like this one, I understood why the heptapods had evolved a semasiographic writing system like Heptapod B; it was better suited for a species with a simultaneous mode of consciousness. For them, speech was a bottleneck because it required that one word follow another sequentially. With writing, on the other hand, every mark on a page was visible simultaneously. Why constrain writing with a glottographic straitjacket, demanding that it be just as sequential as speech? It would never occur to them. Semasiographic writing naturally took advantage of the page’s two-dimensionality; instead of doling out morphemes one at a time, it offered an entire page full of them all at once."

One could say that a heptapod, having 7-fold radial symmetry, is one-better than a snowflake, which only has 6-fold symmetry. So congratulations!

Can you upload a photo of one of your drawings? Sounds super interesting

It's just a black circle with splotches on it.

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