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> on a demos CD that shipped with a magazine!

You can submit an image of the CD to the Internet Archive, exactly the kind of stuff they're collecting: https://archive.org/details/cdbbsarchive

No accidental source code as far as I know, but if they're collecting magazine CDs in general I have a bunch of mid-90s cover CDs which I'd be happy to rip. (Sadly not the one coverdisc I'd really love to be reunited with, though it must be in my parents' attic somewhere...)

Is there a guide to the best way to rip the disc image, preferred formats for inlay scans, etc?

And do I need to do anything regarding copyright? I would definitely not want to cause any legal trouble for archive.org as it is a v valuable resource.

> Is there a guide to the best way to rip the disc image, preferred formats for inlay scans, etc?

Not sure there's any magic involved, I did this on Linux with dd if=/dev/cdrom of=file.iso. For scans I just did the highest resolution my scanner did.

Re copyright, I wouldn't be overly worried. I mean this stuff usually contains shareware, demos and other software that was supposed to be copied. The Internet archive will probably take it down if there's a legit complain, but given that mostly "nobody cares" it should be okay.

dd won't rip any hidden sessions or audio tracks. There was a fascinating patch for the 2.4 (2.2?) kernel that created a cdfs where mounting a CD gave a directory of all of the sessions and tracks, so you could recover earlier versions of files that were replaced by a later session on a multi-session disc. Not sure how to do that now.

Oh man, I have every PC Gamer Magazine and CD from the era where the binding imagine combined to spell PC Gamer. I was actually thinking of throwing them out, since they take up a lot of space at my parent's house and I don't really want them in mine.

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