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Exciting headline; miserable experience.

We're sorry, an error has occurred in our application.

So now I've finally given up after the tenth attempt. I guess O'Reilly won't be selling me that copy of Building Scalable Websites after all.

My order went through, but I can't access my book :(

Same here, when I go to the "emedia" page, it sits there loading for a good 3 minutes, then says I don't have anything to download.

Appears to be a common trend, same situation here for iPhone 3D I just got and was excited to 'download immediately' but I get 'no data' or no books to download.

I called them and the rep said it's b/c of the load. She assured me that it will show up eventually.

Kinda figured this would be the case, was planning on waiting until tomorrow to bug them. Glad to hear someone already got it confirmed though.

It's midnight CST, and I finally saw one of my five books purchased ("Head First Design Patterns") show up. Hopefully the rest will follow...

I called up their customer service and they mentioned that it's not showing up because the servers are under heavy load. The lady on the other end of their customer service line was really nice and I have no doubt the ebook will show up in ours accounts eventually.

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