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The most RESTFul way to do this would be to use content negotiation using the `content-type` header set to something like `application/com.vendor.product+json; data-version=2.1; api-version=3.4` where the minor version indicates data changes and the major version indicates schema changes to the data. You can club together the API and data versions into one version like '' if you can define what a major/minor change to the API means. Exact details on how the client is exposed to the versioning will depend on the product requirements.

In terms of storing the data, we had a system where the content would be zipped after the content developers were done with the authoring and sent to a place which would convert it into appropriate JSON documents with the metadata and versioning information stored in the DB while the the document content could be stored in the cloud or a document database like Mongo or just Postgres. The content authors only knew excel who were trained to follow a schema while writing the content. That was like a low cost CMS. You can update only the content that has a diff or the entire content depending on how well you can identify a diff for the content. The entire content makes it simple.

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