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Why would the Switch fail in V1? Nobody's complained about the controllers who's used them that I know of, the hardware is good, Nintendo's working to have a lot of third parties interested in it along with indie devs, it has the great launch title of Breath of the Wild, and other things - I don't see the impending failure.

What happens if the Wii U version of BotW is better than the Switch version?

Why would that be the case?

Because it may have initially been optimized for Wii U and hastily adapted to Switch. Something like this happened to Twilight Princess, for which the GameCube version is widely considered superior. Nintendo didn't even bother having a "Wii mode" for the HD remake on Wii U.

Rodea the Sky Soldier is another example: Yuji Naka specifically recommended on Twitter to play the Wii version rather than the Wii U version, and accordingly the first run of the US release comes with both discs and a reversible cover insert with Wii layout/iconography.

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