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Nintendo has enough cash in reserve to basically last until the heat death of the universe. If the Switch fails they'll move on to the next thing.

Which is good, because my money is on the Switch failing, at least in V1. Great core premise, too many compromises (especially with regard to controller size).

Why would the Switch fail in V1? Nobody's complained about the controllers who's used them that I know of, the hardware is good, Nintendo's working to have a lot of third parties interested in it along with indie devs, it has the great launch title of Breath of the Wild, and other things - I don't see the impending failure.

What happens if the Wii U version of BotW is better than the Switch version?

Why would that be the case?

Because it may have initially been optimized for Wii U and hastily adapted to Switch. Something like this happened to Twilight Princess, for which the GameCube version is widely considered superior. Nintendo didn't even bother having a "Wii mode" for the HD remake on Wii U.

Rodea the Sky Soldier is another example: Yuji Naka specifically recommended on Twitter to play the Wii version rather than the Wii U version, and accordingly the first run of the US release comes with both discs and a reversible cover insert with Wii layout/iconography.

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