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Show HN: Resist – Take action as you read the news. For iOS and desktop Chrome (getresist.org)
9 points by hijohnnylin on Feb 17, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment


I'm building a way for people to immediately create real change in reaction to what they read on the news. This MVP is available as a Chrome extension on desktop and as an Action Extension on iPhone/iPad (so it works with all your news apps, like CNN, NYTimes). It instantly shows you a crowdsourced collection of actions you can do in response to the news you're reading. Once you've installed it, you can try activating the extension on this link to see an example: https://qz.com/892750/donald-trump-is-cutting-aid-for-family...

At this point, I need people who are willing to join as trusted moderators to filter through the crowdsourced actions, and also contribute their own. These people would ideally have interest/knowledge on progressive causes and organizations.

I'm also looking for general feedback. You can respond here, or hello@getresist.org.

Thanks, Johnny

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