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Show HN: TrumpTalkTherapy – getting Trump supporters/opponents talking (m.me)
6 points by trahn 276 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

So, the idea is simply that talking about it and seeking conversations might be better than furthering the current devision and split in the people we are seeing today.

Oh, and I must add that the whole thing is totally anonymous and I urge everyone to stay civil. Also, I build in a report function.

I like this idea. But see my other comment ;)

As a libertarian, this is great! How I can taunt both sides of this miserable dichotomy of hell.

Facebook required? No thanks.

hehe... yeah, just build it for that, but good point. It's my first chat bot project (and node.js project for that matter) and I figured I just start with one platform. And Facebook being the biggest...

I just don't understand why any closed platform is needed here. Is this relaying messages between Facebook accounts? Why not run it on top of IRC or XMPP or Matrix?

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