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The Beauty of Nature Seen Through Creepy Webcams (wired.com)
17 points by brudgers on Feb 17, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Another cool cam site people end up using for scenery:


This is set up for pilots and has reduced weather related fatalities by 50%. I know it's not pretty, A whole new site is about to get rolled out along with a mobile app.

Why is there no clickable content in the continental US?

Also because people can drive from place to place in the lower 48. most of the spots that are clickable in AK and canada are only accessable via airplane.

They haven't built the camera sites yet. (they get built at airports and dangerous passes) They're planning to in the future though.

You can go straight to http://www.marcusdesieno.com/surveillance-landscapes/ to see those images. But I lack more information, like the url from those cameras, for example, to check how they look like right now.

I'm no photographer but it from reading the article it seems like most of the look of the images comes from how he photographs them?

From my interpretation of the headline I expected the webcams to be producing creepy images but it seems like it is meant to indicate that the fact that these webcams exist/are open to the public are creepy?

Well the images were printed in a special media to enhance their supposedly creepy origins. I suspect that the originals looks a lot more boring because they remind us of mundane CCTV footage.


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