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You might want to read AMOP. It's not build out of macros, but a meta-object system.

It also took a decade of research&development to develop CLOS + MOP. From Flavors and LOOPS to AMOP.

I've had it recommended to me before, but never read it. I also wasn't aware of the extreme effort in getting it right. Thank you.

The communication of the standard subgroup which developed CLOS is here:


The repository spans from 1984 to 1990.

The group also developed a portable CLOS implementation (PCL, Portable Common Loops) to experiment and verify their design with feedback from the community:


Flavors and LOOPS were developed around 1980 and were the direct inspirations. The AMOP book was then published 1991.

AMOP is a very good and extremely well written book about the CLOS Meta Object Protocol.

It also is fortunately / unfortunately one of the books with the best Lisp programming style. 'fortunately' because it is really great, 'unfortunately' the great programming style is tied to a slightly esoteric topic - object-oriented meta-object protocols. ;-)

Whatever motivation you have, a) reading a book with great Lisp style or b) learning about the CLOS MOP, the book is highly recommended.

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