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In this story, Monica was able to actually get to year 4. What's to say that if she went with raw SQL, the team never would have been productive enough to match their run rate. For every story there is of a successful team who rues using an ORM, how many teams are out there who are lost to the obscurity of failure thanks to not choosing a fast over correct solution.

Now, this is not a judgment for or against SQL, given there are plenty of users of Hibernate, it has clearly worked for some teams. Equally, given people still write SQL, I am sure it has worked for many people.

Fundamentally there are two questions to my post:

1 - how much could have been saved in this scenario by a better team

2 - how often is it that the right solution now becomes the wrong solution later?

"raw sql"? SQL is not assembler. SQL is a descriptive lang a few steps higher in the abstraction ladder from any algol-derived lang as C,java,etc.

If they had chosen to go with plain SQL, maybe the project would be finished successfully by year two.

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