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"Physically Based Rendering" walks you through the theory behind, and the implementation of, a photo-realistic rendering system (not real-time).

An extremely thorough guide to ray tracing.


I don't like that this book is posted. Sure, it shows you an actual renderer. But it doesn't show you how to incrementally build said renderer. That is probably what a lot of people are looking for. Peter Shirley has written three short books about raytracing that I would recommend as an alternative.

I've read Realistic Ray Tracing by Shirley, before reading the first edition of PBRT. RRT definitely has a more "incremental" approach, and is a lot more approachable than PBRT.

Could you provide links to Shirley's books, please? I'm interested in learning about CG.

Here's the books he has written: https://www.cs.utah.edu/~shirley/books/index.html

I think these are the short books herbstein was referring to: http://in1weekend.blogspot.com/

Oh, you are right, thank you. Makes sense. The books I checked from him had around 800 pages, which is anything but short :)

Thanks! I'll check them out.

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