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I agree completely. I love reading about databases, but apparently have been skipping reading about CockroachDB for that same reason subconsciously. I took a deep dive the other day and was amazed that I've seen the name dozens of times and have never bothered to ask what was special about it. It really is a fascinating database.

Well, given the claimed properties of the database, I can see why they named it this way, but it is not the world's most fortunate name, for sure.

No, you have not been skipping it subconsciously or seeing it more often, than others, you just feel like you did. People actually have an availability bias [1] that clouds their judgement about unusual things.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Availability_heuristic

Interesting, perhaps so. I did have a moment of realization that I had a negative bias against the name though.

Same, to the point where I just now realized I know nothing about CockroachDB...

I completely wrote it off as a bug database. Only when it came up in conversation did I look it up.

I had the same experience with Rust, for the same reason.

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